The Best Bets for Winning at Craps

Craps is a casino game that involves dice, a shooter and a barrage of players gathered around a table. Making money at this game requires a bit of know-how and the ability to place smart bets instead of those that risk everything.

House Edge and Player Odds

Craps is like every other game in the casino in that the house will always win over time. However, by sticking to certain bets and avoiding those with very low odds of winning, players are more likely to walk away winners. The house edge in the game of craps fluctuates based solely upon the type of bet the player chooses to place. Other than this, there is nothing a player can do to control the outcome of the game.

The Two Bets

There are several bets that players can choose from when playing craps, but every player should place an initial bet followed by an odds bet. For instance, a player may choose to make a Pass Line bet for his or her come out roll followed by an odds bet. The odds bet is placed on certain numbers regardless of the initial bet. For instance, if the player places a Pass Line bet and rolls a four, this becomes the point. Then, considering that the shooter rolls the point, the player who bet on the shooter will win. If the player had also placed an odds bet on four or 10, they would be paid out 2:1.

Bet Carefully

Odds bets are great ways to make some extra money when wagering on craps, but players should be careful when doing so. This is because some casinos will allow players to double their odds bets or even wager up to 100x their original wager if they feel very strongly that the point will be rolled. However, this is almost always a bad move as the losses can be devastating.

Players who are interested in learning the best bets for winning at online craps should be sure to place their initial bets and their odds bets safely and carefully. This way, they walk away from the table with more money.

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